woensdag 28 maart 2012

Outfit of the day!

First outfit of the day!

Buzz snapback, jeans from NewYorker, Lacoste sweater from the Fleamarket!,  Vans Sexpistols and a yellow rosary.

Yellow and blue Buzz snapback, which i bought for like 1 euro online and  it was brandnew with tags!

I also wore a Chanel bracelet which i bought at the fleamarket for 7 euros and an old watch from my uncle, the rosary is also from a fleamarket for 1 euro and the Lacoste sweater was only 2 euros at the fleamarket!

Vans Sexpistols, I found these at a Vans Outlet and I only paid 27 euros for them!

This is how it looked!

Hope you guys liked this post and follow me for some more outfits and fleamarket catches!

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