maandag 19 maart 2012

Get to know me

Get to know me.
I'm Isabeau Vienerius, I live in Kerkrade which is in the middle of nowhere in the Netherlands. My passion is soccer and my addictions are Snapbacks & Sneakers. I also love fashion. My style differs from the girls around me, which you will see if you will follow me and read my posts.

So now a little about what I will write about and when I will post it.
My posts will go about fashion, my outfits of the day and fleamarket sundays, my sneaker collection and my snapback collection, I will also post the new pickups and maybe a few random posts when i feel like it!
I will post every sunday, this will be the post about the fleamarket sunday and my pickups from that fleamarket. I will also post an outfit of the day every week. The sneaker and snapback collections will be posted soon, so you guys can see what I already have.

My inspirations.
  • Kanye West
  • Denny Balmaceda (
  • And Tumblr is a big inspiration source

The reason I started this blog.
After watching lots and lots of youtube video's I wanted to do hauls myself, but because I have a sucky accent I came up with the idea of making photo hauls.

I hope you will enjoy my blog!

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