woensdag 21 maart 2012

Best Dressed Boy

This post will be a little bit different from the posts that are about to come, in this post I will introduce you to one of the most important people in my life. He makes me happy when I'm down and he is all about fashion. He is my best friend Reggy. So the first "oufits of the day" are from him! Some of the shops where he got the clothes are missing in this post because I don't know where he got all the clothes! We did a kind of photoshoot to test my camera and his modeling skills! This was the result:

black cheap monday skinny jeans, black boots, zebra braces and a white shirt

black shirt and a wine-coloured h&m t-shirt

Wine-coloured h&m t-shirt, UGG's, Jeans and some accessoires from h&m

American flag bandana around his head, marine-coloured h&m t-shirt, cheap monday skinny jeans, white vans, white braces and some h&m accessoires

grey cheap monday skinny jeans, marine-blue h&m t-shirt, sand-coloured shirt

grey zara longsleeve shirt

white shirt and a purple-ish zara longsleeve t-shirt

So this was my first "outfit(s) of the day", let me know what you think about Reggy and the picture's.

This one is for you, my best.
I love you

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